From my window

From my window

Look out my window,
And what is it that you see?
High above and across the river,
The twinkling skyscrapers of NYC.

The hustle and bustle of daily life seems to take a pause.
No honking and yelling heard from here.
No cruelty, sadness, nor fear.

A City of Giants, wealth galore;
A materialistic realm, with a growing poor.
Millions of inhabitants there, too far from sight;
Friends and foes, indistinguishable at night.

Endless excitement and splendor abound,
No other place compares to this worldly town.
Yet with all those people and wonders to see,
It’s a very cold and lonely place to be.

Laying here in the bed alone;
Snuggled under the down comforter;
When my eyes are closed, you’re nearest to me;
Why not come into my arms, enter reality?


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