A little angel

A little angel

Tricia Tricia Tricia, if only you knew how much I miss ya!
You look so peaceful, as I mourn your loss and cry
Forever sleeping, as your family and friends come to say goodbye
I can only imagine what you would think if you were here
Holding my hand and hugging me for the loss of a friend so dear

You were more than a true friend; losing you cuts me deeply like a sharp knife
Someone I love and will miss for the rest of my life
A sweet (and sometimes naughty) girl with irresistible charm
I will miss embracing you and steering you from harm

A hopeful romantic princess, and a published poet too
Your singing was beautiful, and your love was true
A silly laugh that blends with the warm twinkle of your eye
Matching that genuine smile; you always made me feel better when you heard me sigh

What is a loss to Earth is Heaven’s gain
I know you’re happier up there, no longer suffering from epileptic pain
Driving your wheels freely rather than flying with wings
When I close my eyes I can still hear you sing

You are even farther away now, yet remain near in my heart
Connected by happy memories, more valuable than art
You are a little angel that touched many lives
I feel blessed and fortunate, that you’ve touched mine

Smile down on me if you see me weep
I will join you when I fall asleep
As I had done every night
When I turned out
The light.


In loving memory of Tricia Deanne Winn (Oct. 3, 1988 – July 6, 2008)


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