Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect, so I scribbled this note;
While sipping cheap coffee and bundled up in my winter coat.
Forget the Starbuck’s venti Mocha Frap;
I’ll stick with just the common generic crap.
These are difficult times and capital preservation is the key;
“Cash is king” returns as the omniscient decree.

The glorious internet bubble of 2000 was long popped and forgotten;
2008 has been nothing but tumultuous and rotten.
Significant losses and many fortunes wiped out within that year;
When this financial crisis will end remains yet unclear.
The peak of commodities during its astronomical rise;
The rapid fall to their pits took everyone by just as much a surprise.

With Layoffs, bankruptcies and scandals galore;
The pessimism and discounts grow ever more.
It was a prescient signal when Countrywide failed;
Our government itself needed fixing, let alone the companies they have bailed.
These historic events are a great reminder;
Let’s step back, lose the ego, and treat everyone kinder.
The guy at the unemployment office with wife and kids waiting in their old Ford clanker,
Could have once been a Maybach-driving star investment banker.

The cataclysmic credit shocked has spared very few;
Even the survivors of layoffs are unhappy too,
Saddled with double the work and even less pay;
They know another round may be on its way.
But like all economic crises in the past;
The turmoil of 2008 will not last.

As the New Year has arrived, let’s move forward with hope;
Much better to be grateful for the things you have than to sit and mope.
Fear, uncertainty and despair are mighty foes;
They can drain you of energy and feed on y our woes.
It’s a time to be reflective, and continue to believe;
What may seem like fantasies now are merely goals to achieve.


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