Math genius may reject award–things that make you go hmmm…

I hadn’t written anything in over a year as life has gotten more complicated and busy, but when I saw this article, I just had to put in my 2 cents on the topic.

This is the article I am referring to: Math Genius May Reject Award

So apparently the guy is a math “genius” but his actions (or lack of actions I should say) make me wonder how smart he really is.  I understand if he was already wealthy and didn’t need the money, but even then there’s always something he could do with it like donate it to charity (or to a poor bum like me trying to get a start-up going…as a loan of course, I’d pay him back with interest or make him a partner!).   Yet he’s just a poor bloke with an elderly mom and he can’t seem to add the two simple points together:

$1 million prize/award + poor financial situation = better financial situation and happier healthier elderly mom.

While I’m all for maintaining privacy, he could just use some of that money to buy a cave somewhere to be reclusive, let alone a basement apartment somewhere.  I feel bad for the elderly mom because she gave him too much mathematical intellect and too little common sense.


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