First six months in Kalamzoo

Still figuring where to go and what things to do!

It’s felt like forever since I’ve written in this journal, but after six months now since I’ve moved to MI from NYC to join the Foundation, I’m a bit more settled in and begin making entries again.  It’s been a steep learning curve at work but based on my bosses’ reviews, seems like they’re happy with my performance.  Although there’s more office politics than I would have originally imagined for a nonprofit, I enjoy the job very much (using my financial skills to drive double bottom line investing) and the people are nice.  This is a big change from Wall Street!  Think I’ve found my calling and hope to be here for a while now that there’s stability in my life.  I’m actually even in the process of buying a house given the cheap cost of living here relative to Manhattan.  Of course, it’s a bit strange to be buying a house as a bachelor, so maybe I’m doing this a little bit backwards (most people wait til they get married or have a significant other before doing something like that), but given the current real estate market and low interest rates, it seems to be a good time.

So now that the career is back on track, I am starting to focus on the social front as well.  I think I must be one of the oldest bachelors who’s never been married in this town who doesn’t have children.  Seems like people here get married very young…and divorced very young.  Usually when I meet a girl who’s under 25 and is a single mom with a couple children, I’d think that’s unusual; meeting one who has multiple kids and each kid from a different father is even more unusual.  But here, that seems actually pretty common!   So having officially turned 36 recently, I’m either going to have to date someone who’s a single mom or someone much younger.  Luckily I look younger than my age…the 18 year old hostess at the local Applebee’s thought I was 25 when I was there a month ago.  That aside though, I think finding someone worthwhile might be a challenge.  I’ve only met a small handful that I would even consider dating.  Getting laid here is like shooting fish in a barrel, but finding someone for a relationship (which is what I’m really focused on), is not that simple.  I had always thought that returning to the Midwest would make it easier to find a nice traditional girl-next-door type who’d make a good girlfriend and eventually wife material…I was right except that I never thought about the age that most of them seem to get married at.  Seems like most girls here are married by 22 or 23 years old and some at that age already have several kids!   Well, let’s see what the next six months will bring…mom already thinks I’m gay cause I’m still single at this age!


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