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No news is good news these days. Why can’t we all just get along?! All lives matter…

The Art of Writing


I work to eat,

I eat to live;

I live to write,

I write to inspire!



Many are enamored by what I do, only the few who truly know me are enamored by who I am. 

I have met the Angel of Death many times and looked him in the eye; made him flinched, because I refuse to die…

God is my father and Earth is my mother…I spring eternal, merely transforming each life to the next.

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A long day during a short business trip;

I sit in The Edgewater’s lobby, warmed by the fireplace flames while staring out at the passing ship;

The gentle waves reflect the glistening rays of the setting sun;

Some seabirds swoop by the wall of windows, a few gracefully glide high up in the sky;

Looking down at me, the little suited man, as I slump exhausted in the wooden chair on the other side;

Whose entire days center around career and taking care of others;

Caged by the metal exterior, and nature-themed interior walls of the famous hotel where The Beatles once fished from;

Envious of the freedom and simplicity that is true nature, whose goal is simply to live.





You be you,

I be me,

Let’s be together and live happily!



Gypsy charm

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It didn’t seem possible, but a theft has occurred

How easily she penetrated the well-guarded fortress that was even more re-inforced from a prior loss

In complete transparency without pretenses, clearly saying what she wanted

And claimed it as her own, what’s left of my protected heart.

Surprised, scared, excited, and paralyzed by her sweetness, I could not and did not resist.

Like a Siren her laugh and her smile were all it took to disarm me.

It was not love at first sight; these days, I trust my eyes less as I age more.

But her inner beauty was so clear, radiating out like the brightness of the sun;

Our first kiss released its intense heat, consuming me, bonding us as one.

It was not her gypsy charm that seduced me, but her gentle kindness that warmed my hardened soul.

A broken heart is worth very little, a wise surgeon will tell you it’s not worth patching after enough parts are in need of repair.

Perhaps that is why what little left that was taken has since been returned; it was merely borrowed, not stolen, as I now learned.

Should I be grateful and rejoice?  Actually, I deeply still miss hearing her voice.

I was just her lost little “squirrel” but she was my sun;

Even a simple text from her brightens my darkest days.

Alas, I shall fortify that wall even stronger, and hope the aching doesn’t last much longer.

Snowflakes on MLK Day

Snowflakes float softly,

Frenzied winds control their paths

Til they rest in peace.


Ode to Allergies Haiku

Itchy eyes, stuffed nose,
My achy body detests
Spring’s allergy woes!

Longing for love

I long for something that I wouldn’t buy,
An aching desire from a lonely soul;
A love that’s pure and will never die;
A beauty beyond notice by the common eye.

I seek one of similar mind,
A warm kindness that melts cold hearts;
A sincere generosity that’s rare to find;
A perfect complement to help me shine.

I give in return all that I own,
A lot of intangibles, that most ignore;
A little pauper in our shallow town;
A love so deep, you would never be alone.

All you ask for in a love that’s true,
A lover that will penetrate your soul
A husband that provides for two;
A man to protect and care for you.

–Written @ 1:00 p.m. 1/4/2007 Yale Club NYC

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