Another New Year




Many are enamored by what I do, only the few who truly know me are enamored by who I am. 

I have met the Angel of Death many times and looked him in the eye; made him flinched, because I refuse to die…

God is my father and Earth is my mother…I spring eternal, merely transforming each life to the next.

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There are people who have everything, but appreciate nothing; I would rather have nothing and appreciate everything…

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How you know

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is the hard part; that’s how you know you are with the right one but the majority of people today get it wrong…my parents got it right

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Mom & dad married 50+ years


Even in the midst of winter, with heavy snow falling outside, my sad little orchid has chosen to bloom again. All the beautiful blossoms it once displayed fell off within two weeks when it was first brought to my office, sitting next to the chilly window and blown by the draft of the ceiling vent.  It stood naked for months with two bare stalks, I thought it was doomed to be my flowerless plant until it would wither away like my past orchids, no matter how much I try to nurture them.  This little plant has received no special treatment since it first arrived, simply water every couple days and sits in the same spot it has always sat next to the window…yet buds of hope and resilience are sprouting in defiance of the cold, a reminder of the internal beauty that was always there and forgotten, it just took time to emerge from those scrawny bare stalks.  I would imagine this must have taken even more effort than to bloom on a sunny spring day; and the effort was all its own, nothing from its owner…



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