Another New Year



The Art of Writing


I work to eat,

I eat to live;

I live to write,

I write to inspire!



There are people who have everything, but appreciate nothing; I would rather have nothing and appreciate everything…

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Valentine’s Day Outlaw

Every year we take just one day to celebrate love and call it Valentine’s Day.  Singles dread it for obvious reasons and even couples dread it for having the pressure to “prove” their love.  The only ones really looking forward and benefiting from it are the businesses selling flowers, candies, jewelry and restaurants who inflate their prices.  Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate love the other 364 days if you truly love someone?


How you know

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is the hard part; that’s how you know you are with the right one but the majority of people today get it wrong…my parents got it right

2013-08-29 17.39.08

Mom & dad married 50+ years

Life is short

I am short, so is life;
Priorities must change from excelling in career to finding a good wife.



You be you,

I be me,

Let’s be together and live happily!



Life’s journey

People who take the paths less taken through life may not live long but have many experiences to cherish because they have truly lived, they only regret not having more time.

Those who always take the straight safe path through life will live long and healthy, but regret not having actually lived.

We all end up dead eventually, it’s just the journey that differs.


Lies are easier with words than with actions.  People say things they don’t always mean, and mean things they don’t always say.

2015-06-28 19.54.32-1

Young children are not only adorable but also consistent with their words and behavior, as adults we think it is our job to teach but in this case they have something to teach us.

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