Many are enamored by what I do, only the few who truly know me are enamored by who I am. 

I have met the Angel of Death many times and looked him in the eye; made him flinched, because I refuse to die…

God is my father and Earth is my mother…I spring eternal, merely transforming each life to the next.

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Lesson on Knowing Your Customers…from Kids

For Easter weekend, my brother and his family visited me in Indianapolis for the first time. This was the first time any of my family members had ever visited me in Indianapolis since I moved here seven months ago to join Lumina Foundation; I hadn’t seen my two nephews who are now seven and nine years old, respectively, for a long time so I was super excited to say the least. We would only have a couple days to spend together, so I wanted to make sure they got to see the most well-known attractions in Indy, namely the renown Children’s Museum and the Garfield Conservatory/Botanical Garden as well as Monument Circle and took them to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant for pho, which is their favorite food. We did all of the above, got gelato and even watched Ice Age: The Meltdown on Saturday night on my 65 inch 4K HDTV. I want to maintain my favorite uncle status, so I was pulling out all the stops.

Come Easter Sunday morning before they had to head off to catch the 11am flight back to Dallas, I asked the two of them what their favorite part of the visit was. My seven-year-old nephew Jonathan immediately replied…getting to wear my tiger paw slippers and running around my home with them! With all the effort into planning and thinking about what would make their short time in Indy enjoyable and fun, and genuinely believing I had nailed it, it was incredibly humbling to discover I had completely missed the mark! In return for that valuable lesson, I let him keep the pair of tiger paw slippers which he gleefully packed in his little backpack to take back home to Dallas.

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Do you REALLY know your customer, or do you just think you do??

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There are people who have everything, but appreciate nothing; I would rather have nothing and appreciate everything…

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Valentine’s Day Outlaw

Every year we take just one day to celebrate love and call it Valentine’s Day.  Singles dread it for obvious reasons and even couples dread it for having the pressure to “prove” their love.  The only ones really looking forward and benefiting from it are the businesses selling flowers, candies, jewelry and restaurants who inflate their prices.  Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate love the other 364 days if you truly love someone?



Even in the midst of winter, with heavy snow falling outside, my sad little orchid has chosen to bloom again. All the beautiful blossoms it once displayed fell off within two weeks when it was first brought to my office, sitting next to the chilly window and blown by the draft of the ceiling vent.  It stood naked for months with two bare stalks, I thought it was doomed to be my flowerless plant until it would wither away like my past orchids, no matter how much I try to nurture them.  This little plant has received no special treatment since it first arrived, simply water every couple days and sits in the same spot it has always sat next to the window…yet buds of hope and resilience are sprouting in defiance of the cold, a reminder of the internal beauty that was always there and forgotten, it just took time to emerge from those scrawny bare stalks.  I would imagine this must have taken even more effort than to bloom on a sunny spring day; and the effort was all its own, nothing from its owner…




A long day during a short business trip;

I sit in The Edgewater’s lobby, warmed by the fireplace flames while staring out at the passing ship;

The gentle waves reflect the glistening rays of the setting sun;

Some seabirds swoop by the wall of windows, a few gracefully glide high up in the sky;

Looking down at me, the little suited man, as I slump exhausted in the wooden chair on the other side;

Whose entire days center around career and taking care of others;

Caged by the metal exterior, and nature-themed interior walls of the famous hotel where The Beatles once fished from;

Envious of the freedom and simplicity that is true nature, whose goal is simply to live.




Life’s journey

People who take the paths less taken through life may not live long but have many experiences to cherish because they have truly lived, they only regret not having more time.

Those who always take the straight safe path through life will live long and healthy, but regret not having actually lived.

We all end up dead eventually, it’s just the journey that differs.

The Heartache Can Wait

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year is filled with emotions, ranging from the joys and excitement of a child in anticipation of gifts to the desperate despair of loneliness of being single.  I heard this song by Brandi Carlile for the first time…and a good reminder that “the heartache can wait” as I go to my happy place…at least mentally.

The Heartache Can Wait by Brandi Carlile (click to watch)

Pair of swans in spring

Pair of swans in spring in my back yard


Lies are easier with words than with actions.  People say things they don’t always mean, and mean things they don’t always say.

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Young children are not only adorable but also consistent with their words and behavior, as adults we think it is our job to teach but in this case they have something to teach us.


Never prioritize someone who doesn’t prioritize you

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